Akhesa is the pathfinder of the brand Pistache. Stemming from a french creator in the French Riviera born in 1998. It is due to the vision and creative work with the use of leather and wool that made the fashion market aware of the brand’s evolution.
Akhesa’s success is known from its launch in the fashion market. It is the use of these materials and new techniques, which allow the creation of the products to have such a high quality. Akhesa offers a very feminine, creative and detailed finish on their leather,which is studied, worked and shaped this gives the brand its high prestige.Leaning on its second generation, the Pistache brand adapted itself as they knew how to evolve and meet the needs of their clientele who were in search of high end quality designs and accessories.
It was suggested that two collections a year would suffice, Autumn/Winter and Spring /Summer to offer their customers continual choices in designs and new trends.
It was done so that women could feel to be allowed to wear elegant , smart and sophisticated designs for the day and night occassions in any season. For the brand women are the heart of the creation , it is them that allow the brand to produce designs to sublimate and emphasize in sensuality. Today Akhesa is an important aspect in the market of the French high end ready to wear clothing industry.






62 cm


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