MARY LOU is a high range ready to wear urban brand for women coming from the south of France. Abrove all it is a pure and urban style, a strong love of elegeance, and a trendy design. The brand is born in the south of France, in Nice, between the shingle beach and the snowed summit, the Provence, the Côte d’Azur is a privileged destination for tourists and a multicultural place in which MARY LOU is blooming and its collections are influenced by this cultural mix.

This winter collection is fondamentally urban, with some touch of sportwear style, we can easily imagine ourself at the ski resorts wrapped up in our GLASGOW reversible shearling coat . Following the other company brands, MARY LOU designed for its first line exclusively leather and shearling items adapting the timeless pieces of the winter urban wardrobe to its own design.

For the season Spring Summer 2020 MARY LOU comes back with its collection LES FOSSETTES dedicated to the south of France inspired by the cicadas song and the waves roll on the pebbles.

What’s new ? A ready-to-wear textile line, in linen for the love of nature, in viscose for the softness  and leather in trendy colors .The pure design of LES FOSETTES focuses on the details and finishing stage. The city-dweller is in holidays and she can enjoy the sun in her  new 100% linen  dress FARANDOLE with a limoncello aperitif in terrace. What’s a pleasure !

MISSION : «  embellish the timeless items of our wardrobe to spread an elegant, pure and designer style with a french touch in France and in the world. »

.FRENCH ELEGANCE : a fine chic and elegant design with an appreciable great deal of taste.

.DETAIL AND QUALITY CARE : embellish items with good details and finishing and picking good quality fabrics.

.CREATIVITY : bring a designer touch into the collection to enter high range shops.

.DYNAMIC / ACTIVE / COMBATIVE MIND : inspired by the permanent dynamism of the metropolises and its urban way of life, MARY LOU undertakes to make the city dwellers hearts succumb to the brand.

.CHALLENGE AND AMBITION : MARY LOU gets into a market with a big competition involving to stand out from it at a good price.

.OPEN-MIND : keep the eyes wide open on new trends, being inspired by differents horizons and cultures standing out of lines.

.HONESTY : transparency on the materials and goods origins and about the brand history.

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