Beginning of the adventure

Pistache is a french family run company which was created in 1986. Its director Baurh Ibrahimof a leather enthusiast, who had been profoundly consumed by the textitile industry , since several generations decided to create a business specialised in leather. This young entrepeuners starting point was with provencal craft fairs.


Shop opening

His creations were such a big success, that  he rapidly went on to open his own boutique which he names EPONYM in the 1990s.This is how the brand first comes to life in Nice the French Riviera. Veronique Colleuil and a few years later, Marie Claude Dumas, join forces in this great adventure of his.  Pistache’s company was just at its starting point, it had still not been fully established but was showing a very promising future.


First shows, start of distribution

The big bang hits in 1994 in Paris at the first fashion trade show. It was the Mecca of the fashion and new trends. The Pistache brand present their creations at the trade show and to their joy, their orders explode. This is a major turning point , as it is at this moment , that their boutiques  were required to become larger, more staff needed, as it was complusory to have employees,  not only for their retail side but also for taking orders, as almost everywhere in France the Pistache brand where recieving big quanties and volumes of orders.


Akhesa creation

Pistache has always had the ambition to become a worldwide industry. In 1998 the team decide to create their own brand known as AKHESA. It becomes a immediate success. It is thanks to Akhesa, the brand is exported abroad and achieves a worldwide recognition. Akhesa becomes known in France and on the international stage for her feminine, high end products which highlight the beauty of the textile and meticulous work created with leather.

Akhesa is the pathfinder of the brand Pistache. Stemming from a french creator in the French Riviera  born in 1998. It is due to the vision and creative work with the use of leather and wool that made the fashion market aware of the brand’s evolution.

Akhesa’s success is known from its launch in the fashion market. It is the use of these materials and new techniques, which allow the creation of the products to have such a high quality. Akhesa offers a very feminine, creative and detailed finish on their leather,

which is studied, worked and shaped this gives the brand its high prestige.

Leaning on its second generation, the Pistache brand adapted itself as they knew how to evolve and meet the needs of their clientele who were in search of high end quality designs and accessories.

It was suggested that two collections a year would suffice, Autumn/Winter and Spring /Summer to offer their customers continual choices in designs and new trends.


It was done so that women could feel to be allowed to wear elegant , smart and sophisticated designs for the day and night occassions in any season.  For the brand women are the heart of the creation , it is them that allow the brand to produce designs to sublimate and emphasize in sensuality. Today Akhesa is an important aspect in the market of the French high end ready to wear clothing industry.


Akhesa access creation

Akhesa Access is the new small and medium leather goods line from the brand Akhesa France, pioneering brand Pistache’s group, specialized in leather and skins since 1986. Such as its main range, Akhesa Access wants to offer a sophisticated universe through chic and refined accessories. That is how Akhesa created its daily accessories collection and keep working leather freely. Elaborated in our style office in Nice, our products are piece-made in our workshops, and respecting Akhesa’s values: service, quality and rigor.

Those 30 years of experiences permitted to Akhesa to launch its brand-new line craft while keeping the DNA of its parent brand. Active, modern and urban, this line is full of possibilities to mix up your styles. Whether for a night, a day, to travel or go to work, these little marvels will complete your looks while staying trendy! Treat yourself and choose THE piece which will be an integral part of your wardrobe.

Opening of the Hong Kong office

This was such a high point that a second platform rose in Hong Kong in 2016 to meet the needs of their buyers. Today thanks to the incredible team, who not only pay attention to their customers and quality of the products , allows them to be present in more than 150 points of sales worldwide.


Selexion creation

SELEXION is a brand of sleeved clothing putting in highlight an urban untraditional universe, mixing a vibrant design with a well assumed sportwear touch.

Born from meetings across the world, SELEXION brings together various socio cultural inspirations. For exemple you can find a streetwear influence as well as punk rock one or pieces adapted to city and sometime as well to adventure.

The materials are carefully selected to provide maximum softness, mixed textures and atypical sets of patterns.

With SELEXION you will also find very functional and reversible styles with technical fabrics emphasizing its urban identity.

Energy, modernity and comfort are its three key words !

Mary Lou creation

MARY LOU is our new sunny clothing ambitious brand on the French Riviera. The brand was born from the meeting between a young designer from Marseille who recently moved in Nice, filed with the atmosphere of the south of France, and Pistache, experienced in the clothing sector for more than 30 years.

Together they bring their touch and their values ​​into a range of feminine ready to wear clothing, with an authentic, fresh and vibrant style.

MARY LOU’s first source of inspiration is an idyllic environment, here in Nice, close to nature, between sea and mountains. There is an incredible sweetness of life feeding the creations of the young brand on a daily basis. Also concerned about the future, and the protection of the environment, the team works every day to improve her materials and their impact in order to get sustainable clothing responding to the reality of actual environmental issues.

For this season, at the same time as the song of cicadas and the good vibes of sunny days, MARY LOU is launching a new line designed in natural materials with more responsible origins chosen with care such as tencel and eco-viscose. In this Mediterranean collection you will discover your timeless favorites pieces associated with printed pieces through trendy silhouettes.

The brand emphasizes comfort and lightness with pieces designed to be worn everyday and sublimate our body, with a lot of love.

Concept Store opening

Since 1986 Pistache offers a large choice of creations in clothing, leather goods in the heart of Nice, 3 avenue Georges Clemenceau.

This Spring 2021, the concept store renews itself and welcomes you in a beautiful atmosphere to let you discover our new creations!

Yet, our values remain and you will have the pleasure to meet our usual team in a warm environment dear to our family business.
To be close and giving advices is our number one priority and our sales team, having 30 years of experience, will be there carefully during this next Pistache step !

Every day, we will continue to put in highlight our craftsmanship and our quality work trough our own creations imagined in Nice and designed by our long standing manufacturers. Our team wish is to convey an image that fits us and our multicultural inspirations can be found in our large choice of creations and unique pieces.


We invite you to share this fashion moment together at Pistache concept store where you will often find out about discovery events, collaborations with fashion designers and highlights concerning actors from our beautiful region.

Follow us on Instagram @boutique.pistache.fr and be a part of our Pistache adventure !